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THE TRW Sea Divers
Founded 1965
Renamed The Sea Divers 1990



June 26, 2014 - Celebration of Life for Mary Ellen Hughes

Sea Divers Bouillabaisse bash & Reunion - nov 8, 2008, 2pm

The Sea Divers had a great Bouillabaisse Bash on November 8, 2008 at the Port Royal Marina and Yacht Club in Redondo Beach. Next event will probably be 2010. These parties are for all current and former Sea Divers and of course your friends and family!

When: Nov 8, 2008, 2pm til
Where: Port Royal Marina & Yacht Club, 555 N. Harbor Drive, Redondo Beach, CA - Entrance to parking lot on Portofino Way
What to Bring:
Seafood for the Bouillabaisse or a Dish to Share (Bread, Casserole, Meat, Appetizer, Salad, or Dessert)
Your Sea Diver Friends and Family
Pictures, Stories, Artifacts, Cameras

We had a great turn out and a fun party!

Don & Cathy Mueller, Allen Parker & Kathy, Peter Landecker & Lenore, Wayne & Diane Stinson, Pat Pruitt, Larry Brown & Emily, Steve & Mary Kavanaugh, Martha & Gary McKay, Lola & Ian Whiteside, Andrea Beck, George & Mary Ellen Hughes, George Gregory, Skylor Piper, Sharon Hale, Chuck Lillie, Bob Revius, David & Georgina Sanner, Joe & Kathy Kalohi, Kathryn Cody, Chris Grossman, Erik Storsteen, Roger Carlson, Kevin & Lucille Alker, Lorraine Sadler, Lois Musser, Bill Brown, Greg & Bernadette Hindman, Dave & Kathy Nesheim, Mike & Sue Morgan, John & Rebecca Mowrey, Dan Lenarth, Dexter Morris, Sherry Medina, Bill & Corinne Holzer, Paul & Muriel Nordin, Brian McNamara.

Heres a Printable Flyer if you need a hard copy.


Part of the party fun, in addition to the great food and friends, is that we play some Sea Divers trivia games. So brush up on your facts and figures about when the Sea Divers were founded, Sea Diver legends and tall tales. 

We will have many ocean oriented prizes including:

- One Day Boat Trips with The Sea Divers

- Free Annual Membership to the Sea Divers

- Handmade Jujee Beads Jewelry - Beautiful jewelry with fish, shells, and sea creatures from Sea Diver Judy Carlson and Jujee Beads.

- Sea D Sea - Two SnapSights - High Power Torches

- JMJ Wetsuits - Cold water hood

- Ocean Adventures - 10 nitrox fills

- Dive N Surf - Two large dive beach towels and two beach mats.

- Peace Dive Boat - Two free midweek Open Boat Passes

- Pacific Wilderness - Four t-shirts

- Maxtec - Nitrox Analyzer

- Monterey Express - Two free dive trips

- Lois Musser, Kathy Kalohi, Cathy Mueller - Nautical items - mermaids, lighthouses, sea creatures and more!

2006 Sea Divers Party

Our party on October 21, 2006 was the best ever! What fun! What great food! What friendships we have! Take a look at the pictures. Be sure to thank our sponsors.

We want to thank the companies that have generously contributed prizes for our bash - Dive N Surf, JMJ Wetsuit Manufacturers, Sea D Sea, El Sombrero, Latitudes N Attitudes, Joe's Crab Shack, and Dr. Randy Harwood.

We had a fabulous turn out - Phil Bergeron, Daniel Bitton, Bill Brown & Janelle, Kathryn Cody & Chris Grosman, Nancy Cook, John Delaney & Jean Chamberlin, Larry Brown, John & FLetcher Forbes, Doug Garrett, Greg and Bernadette Hindman, John Kalasky & Bea, Joe & Kathy Kalohi, Allen Parker & Kathy, Steve and Mary Kavanaugh, Kathy Wood & Dick Kurz, Wil and Linda Lemley, Jeanne L, Peter Landecker & Lenore, Chuck Lillie, Martha & Gary McKay, Mike & Sue Morgan, Cathy and Don Mueller, Lois Musser, Dave & Kathy Nesheim, Paul & Muriel Nordin, Rob & Liz Parkinson, Andy Paroczai, Sharon Hale & Skylor Piper, Bob Revius, Lorraine Sadler, Sue & Al Sharp, Bert Sours, Wayne & Diane Stinson, Erik Storsteen, Ian & Lola Whiteside. And our yacht club friends Dean Curtis, Kevin Herink, Sue Meyers & Jim Zeitler.

History of Sea Divers Parties

The Sea Diver tradition of great parties with great food goes back to the early days of the club. Here we have a picture of a 1973 Club Eat In - note the keg of beer! Do you recognize these members? Larry Brown, Joe Scaffidi, Donna Mirka, Steve Maloney, and Laura. Donna, I don't know you but I love your outfit and hair! During the 1970's hot tubs were quite popular in California and many Sea Diver parties were combination Eat In and hot tub events. One current member, Peter Landecker, is still looking for his shoe from one of those memorable parties. Another time, the divers on a long trip from Cortez Banks were so desperate for a hot tub event, they warmed up the bait tank on the boat, the Toronado.

During the late 1970's and into the 1990's the TRW Sea Divers had about 2 Eat Ins a year and some fabulous Halloween parties. Betty Trenberth and Lois Musser were the primary organizers of these parties. Most were held at the Rebekkah Lodge in El Segundo. We had lots of great costumes but Walt Musser had to be the most creative. Year after year he surprised everyone including his wife with outrageous costumes!

The tradition of bouillabaisse parties started in the late 1970's.  The original parties were at Veteran's Park in Redondo Beach after a beach dive.  Many members came just for the Bouilliabasse, by-passing the beach dive, and at some point the dive was dropped. Some of the great chefs were George Hughes, Bill Garrett, and Allen Parker. For a bouillabaisse party, everyone brings seafood to contribute and in those days, quite a bit of it was freshly caught the day of the party.

The Sea Divers had a combination reunion and 25th anniversary party (it actually was our 27th year) on February 1, 1992 at the Hacienda Hotel. Both current members and those who were no longer active with the club were excited to come back for a visit.  We all share fond memories of the dives, fun, and friends we have met through the Sea Divers. In 1999 a combined bouillabaisse and reunion was organized at the Port Royal Marina and the Marina continues to be our venue of choice. Check out the Pictures from 1999, 2001, and 2006!

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